In Beauty & Mystery: Bonnie Rabert’s Watercolor Paintings & New Website Showcase Food, Flora & Fauna From Georgia & Beyond


St. Simon’s Island – Georgia, USA August 15, 2016


Georgia based artist Bonnie Rabert has brought her love for nature, her journeys abroad and her career in food styling for photography into a delightful and colorful mix of transcendent watercolor paintings.  With a brand new website and a host of awards and exhibitions Bonnie Rabert is quickly gaining regional recognition with her lively collection of glittering fish ponds, dreamy and imaginative landscapes, cityscapes and decorative food items. 



Exploring the Village 16x20 / 23x27 framed

Exploring the Village

16x20 / 23x27 framed

 Bonnie invites visitors, art enthusiasts, and nature-loving explorers of all kinds to come enjoy her work exhibited throughout the month of September at the Glynn Visual Arts Center – 106 Island Drive, St. Simon’s Island, GA



Considered by many to be one of the hardest mediums, painting in watercolors has come as a natural progression for Bonnie after her career meticulously styling and placing food prior to being photographed. Quickly finding an affinity with the beauty and mystery of watercolor painting, Bonnie has found an intriguing style that allows for many other techniques and layers to be incorporated and tested. “While some watercolor artists learn an approach and work with that for awhile, I like to integrate what I have learned into my style and keep trying different methods.”



For more information and to see her full portfolio please visit her new website at: